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I initiate a CFJ on the following:

The common vernacular for someone who does something is Xor, where a Xor Xes.
By rule 2408 the 'recordkeepor' is the title for one who keeps records
(or recordkeepes).
By rule 2404,2405,1769, and many more, the 'Promotor' is the title for
one who promotes.
Therefore, the term 'player' is incorrect.

Note that we also have officers, officeholders, voters, publishers,
performers, and owners.  Generally, only capitalized titles get the
"or" treatment.

FWIW, as I recall this spelling idiosynchrasy started early in the game with a misspelling of "Rulekeepor", perhaps the first "officer" position to be added besides the original Speaker. (Although to digress, I think for quite some time the Speaker itself was kept outside the Officer system.)

It was later extended to other offices, but back in my day the unusual spelling was only applied to the suffix "-keepor". It definitely did _not_ apply to more general "-er" suffixes, and I recall at least one suggestion for doing so (possibly "Bankor") was discarded. Of course this did not prevent a fondness for officer titles whose normal English spelling ended in "-or" as well.

However I see that the current ruleset contains "Yak Herdor" and (not an office) "recruitor". I think all the other "-or" suffixes I could find are acceptable English spelling (although "Promoter" vs "Promotor" seem to have similar numbers of Google hits.)

Also, the capitalization customs have changed greatly, in earlier periods it was almost mandatory to capitalize nearly every Agora-specific term. Although this had already been reduced last I was a Player.


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