On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, Kerim Aydin wrote:

On Fri, 12 Jul 2013, John Smith wrote:
I intend with 1 ais523 support to join the alliance containing ais523.

CfJ, barring ais523: "If ais523 immediately replies to that intent with 'I support 
and do so', I become a member of the same alliance as ais523."

With the current wording of Rule 1728, the person who says "I do so" performs 
the action, regardless of who the initiator is.  This results in ais523 joining the 


ais523 is the only member of his alliance according to the most recent 
Registrar report.

I'm not sure why this is a scam or shenanigan, as either way it requires
ais523's support.  Seems like a straightforward use of the rule.

Except for ignoring the current Gerontocracy complication.


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