I got the SLR but not the FLR.  In the past the forum has had a length
limit and FLR-lengthed messages needed manual approval from omd,
but e would add an automatic exception for rulekeepors.  Don't know 
If that's still true (I'm guessing the FLR is the one where you deputized?)

In any case, many many thanks for doing this!!  When the FLR comes
through I'll look for errors.

On Sat, 7 Apr 2018, Kenyon Prater wrote:
> I just published the FLR and SLR deputizing as Rulekeepor. CoE away! If
> people get a chance, I'd appreciate as many eyes as possible on them, since
> I'm betting there's at least a couple errors I missed somewhere.
> My current understanding of the state of the rules is:
>  - Welcome Packages fail because they try to reenact an incorrect rule.
>  - Paydays still mention cards because the PAoaM Patch overwrites any
> changes that may have existed.
>  - There is no mechanism to put items into a facility.
>  - Medal of Honor votes are broken because they attempt to redefine "valid
> votes".
>  - Other things are working as intended, including PAoaM stuff.
> I'll submit a pull request to the agora github and to the gh-pages branch
> soon.
> ... or at least I think I sent the FLR and SLR, but they aren't showing up
> on the archives yet. Has anybody else gotten them? I'm wondering if there
> might have been a problem in sending them...
> Kenyon

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