On Wed, 2018-11-14 at 14:12 +1100, Rebecca wrote:
> It's not really a meme it's just the sort of joke proposal that I
> like but I know won't get passed.

This sort of joke proposal actually passes surprisingly often, and
frequently threatens to do a lot of damage to the gamestate when it
does (e.g. "repeal all rules" has passed often enough that we have
specific countermeasures in the ruleset nowadays to prevent that
specific wording from working; it's often been something close to luck
that has prevented it destroying Agora in the past). As such, it may be
best avoided because sometimes Agorans need saving from themselves.

I'm particularly suspicious that the proposal a) attempts to override
Agora Is A Nomic and b) is highly susceptible to timing scams. This
means that it's quite likely someone will attempt to gain a
dictatorship with it, which would be a very good reason to vote it down
(and even if you're not trying that yourself, likely someone else


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