I just committed a new version of the gh-pages branch to the ruleset's github, and it includes a lot of new features. I would like to go over them because I think that they are useful for historical purposes.

Before I begin the explanations, I would like to note that I redid the front page to include links to all my new projects: https://agoranomic.com/ruleset/.

The first noticable addition is the changelogs page: https://agoranomic.org/ruleset/changelogs.

This is a list which I will update every time a new SLR is published. It will include every rule change put into effect since the last SLR.

The second is the ruleset format updates log page: https://agoranomic.org/ruleset/updates.

Every time I make a change in the way the ruleset is formatted, you will see a post here reflecting that.

Both links have one post each detailing changes made for the most recent ruleset.

These use only the most basic HTML elements, because I just wanted something I could finish quickly. If anyone wants to style it up, go ahead and make some commits.


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