Getting roped into doing a space battle I didn't even want to do in the first place and then getting a rule violation for it. Figures.

I wish to spend an amount of energy equal to the number of times the word "cantaloupe" appears in the following hashed string:


On 2/3/19 6:28 PM, Madeline wrote:
I haven't sent mine yet, that didn't count.

On 2019-02-04 12:29, Reuben Staley wrote:
I wish to spend 0 energy on this space battle

On 2/3/19 6:01 PM, Telnaior wrote:
You're really the only good target that I wouldn't have to go halfway across the map to reach :(

I spend one coin to repair the Armour of my Spaceship by 1.

I initiate a Space Battle between my Spaceship and Trigon's Spaceship, specifying twg as the resolver.


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