Sorry for the double-post but I found this sort of "mission statement" in
their FAQ to be really neat:

Q:  Lots of Nomics already exist, why did you create a new one?
A:  I was unhappy with the verbose legal jargon (ironic) used in other
Nomic communities.  I felt that the dry legal culture was not the exciting
gameplay I expected to encounter when adventuring into the world of Nomic,
especially coming from a game design perspective.  This Nomic is a unique
attempt to circumvent those issues, by creating a more fluid, and
minimalistic starting ruleset.

Admittedly that sort of "dry legal culture" is extremely fun for me,
personally. But it was interesting to see a nomic with an intent to be
starkly against the sort of vibe that I feel Agora shares.

...Also, Quonauts seems to have died, no proposals or real action since the
19th of Feb. Welp. Oh well.

On Thu, Feb 28, 2019 at 10:20 AM Cuddle Beam <> wrote:

> I might as well.
> Hear ye, hear ye! New nomic on Discord, Quonauts (splintered off the series
> of Now We Nomics):

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