I worded my response poorly. When I said to check the archives on agoranomic.org I really meant the mailman archives. The mail-archive archives are the ones that it falls through on. It is possible to remove the login requirement -- I know because of other mailman lists I've subscribed to do not have the requirement -- but don't count on it changing any time soon because our Honorable Distributor omd only pops in when the lists are in dire need of attention.

On 3/1/19 8:32 PM, James Cook wrote:
On Thu, 28 Feb 2019 at 04:11, Reuben Staley <reuben.sta...@gmail.com> wrote:
The logical rulesets are very long documents. Lots of times, the rulesets
slip through because of that. Check the archives on agoranomic.com. When I
get around to updating the ruleset site, it'll also be there.

I'm sure you mean agoranomic.org. The owner of agoranomic.com must be
profiting greatly from using this famous nomic's name.

It looks like while the public archives linked from agoranomic.org
(which I managed to link to twice, oops) are missing both, the actual
mailman archives (requiring login) have them:
. I wonder if it's possible to remove the login requirement from


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