I am trying to invoke a Rest API using akka http client using below code.

            val httpRequest = HttpRequest(
              method  = HttpMethods.GET,


              headers = 
List(Accept(MediaRange(MediaTypes.`application/json`.withParams(Map("v" → 
                RawHeader("Content-Type", "application/json;v=3"),
                RawHeader("Api-Key", "XYZ")

Http().singleRequest(httpRequest, GatewayHelper.connectionContext)

Before the call goes out, when i check the httprequest.uri (through 
debugger), there is a partial uri decoding that is happening (%2B changed 
to +)      "https://example.com/customers/~/profiles/

Because of this the API is returning an error. Unfortunately, there are 
bunch or APIs that has this type of path variable . So not able to invoke 
using akka-http . 

I also tried setting the parsing mode to Relaxed hoping that it would not 
tamper the path variable, but it didnt help either.

/preferences", Uri.ParsingMode.Relaxed)

So, Is there option where we can make akka no modify this before making the 

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