I am trying to create and add filer to a graph. This filter receives 
request and returns new object with another data type.
I tried to do it like that:

final UniformFanInShape<CoverRequest, CoverSetterData> A = 
builder.add(Flow.of(CoverRequest.class).map(mes -> new CoverSetterData(mes)));

However in this case Java unable to recognize lambda return type. 
My next attempt was to create Flow and then add it to a graph:

Flow<CoverRequest, CoverSetterData, NotUsed> flow = 
Flow.of(CoverRequest.class).map((CoverRequest mes) -> new CoverSetterData(mes));
final UniformFanInShape<CoverRequest, CoverSetterData> A = builder.add(flow);

But in this case it says that builder.add(...) function doesn't take such 

Could you please help me with this issue? 
Thanks a lot!


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