I am trying to create a domain driven repository using Akka. However, i am 
confused with regard to what the ideal design should look like.

I have domain objects like Entity and a repository needs to be created with 
various interfaces like findByXYZ() and add().

The requirement for individual repository operations like findByXYZ and add 
are that these operations are multi-step and includes state in them. As an 
example, a pseudo code for findByXYZ would be:

- findByX
- findByY
- findByZ
- Aggregate
- Get the resulting data.

The way i approached this, is by creating a single worker actor that 
triggers a workflow by invoking futures for each of steps defined above and 
invoking respective messages to itself. As all the results are obtained, 
the results are accumulated and returned back.

However, what I am wondering is that:
    1) Are future compositions not enough for this, do we really need an 
actor. The advantage I see is alternative corrective path if required.
    2) The single actor is performing multiple types of workflows, for eg: 
1 for adding new record, 1 for finding. However, this is creating a big 
actor. Can multiple actors be created for each type of command messages.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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