Never mind, found the solution to this:

val node1testActor = system.actorSelection(node(first) / "system" / 
node1testActor ! results

On Wednesday, October 12, 2016 at 3:53:12 PM UTC-7, Evan Chan wrote:
> Hi Hakkers,
> So I'm using MultiNodeSpec to test some Akka Cluster functionality. 
>  Basically I have a consistent hashing router which hashes based on each 
> node's Akka system address, and thus the port number is essentially random. 
>  Thus from run to run of the test I cannot predict how many messages go to 
> a specific node, though the total number of messages across all nodes 
> should be constant.
> Is there any facility in the testConductor that would allow me to get a 
> value from all the running test nodes?   Like if I could send some count 
> from the second and third nodes to the test actor of the first node?
> Is the test actor (ImplicitSender) addressable through ActorSelection? 
>  I'm using 2.3.15.
> Otherwise I'd have to hack my router to return consistent hashes every 
> time, which does not simulate reality.
> thanks,
> Evan

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