I have the following code:

val cmdSrc: Source[Message, ActorRef] = Source.actorRef[Message](10, 

val wsr: WebSocketRequest = WebSocketRequest(myEndpoint)

val webSocketFlow: Flow[Message, Message, Future[WebSocketUpgradeResponse]] 
= Http().webSocketClientFlow(wsr)

val webSocketGraph: RunnableGraph[(ActorRef, Future[Done])] = 

val (actorRef, fd): (ActorRef, Future[Done]) = webSocketGraph.run()

The idea is that I want to send messages to actorRef that are then sent 
through the flow.

This code produces the required result, but its an early and amateurish 
attempt as I try to understand Akka.

My questions are:

   - Is this somewhere near the accepted idiom, or is there a better 
   representation of the same thing?
   - How do I get my hands on the Future[WebSocketUpgradeResponse] from 
   webSocketFlow (line 3)?


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