Docker containers -- each JVM gets their own container, Docker will handle 
the networking between them.

On Monday, October 17, 2016 at 1:33:44 AM UTC-4, Joseph Mansigian wrote:
> Hello,
>    I would like to develop an Akka actor based application that has actors 
> that span the Internet.  It would be very convenient for me if I could do 
> the early stages of this development all on one machine.  I would like to 
> have two JVM running on one machine but have the actor systems and actors 
> on these two JVM be remote to each other, not local actors,  and have these 
> remote actors be addressable exactly as they would be if they were across 
> the world from each other ( location transparency ) except they would use a 
> real remote host in the path instead of  I want to accomplish a 
> fan out to anywhere on the Internet without rewriting any Scala code 
> although config or deployment info changes are certainly Okay.
> >  Can I work this way?
> >  If I can work this way what are any special constraints because I am on 
> one machine?  I feel I understand remoting pretty well from Akka 
> documentation but still not averse to re-reading if I know what to look for.
> > Do you have any good examples of a project like this or a tutorial 
> discussion of a project? 
> Thank you for helping,  Joe

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