I'm building a prototype for application that aims to use akka-http and 
websockets for communication. It mostly works, but on close we get 

[ERROR] [10/17/2016 19:38:56.104] 
[akka.actor.ActorSystemImpl(my-system)] WebSocket handler failed with 
Processor actor 
terminated abruptly (akka.stream.AbruptTerminationException)

We tried many suggestions over the web, including calling 
Http().shutdownAllConnectionPools() (which ends with success) and unbind 
(which ends with success as well). Unfortunately it doesn't help - after 
calling shutdownAllConnectionPools and unbind the websocket is still up (we 
can send messages and receive answers from it). How to correctly close the 
system to avoid such issue?

This is how (fragments) of how we build the binding (for now this is single 
client app, so we have single actor to process messages):

    val processing = system.actorOf(Props[ProcessingActor], "processing-1")
    val route = get {
      pathEndOrSingleSlash {
        complete {
            // ...
      } ~ encodeResponse {
      } ~ path("ws") {
    val bindingFuture = Http().bindAndHandle(route, "localhost", port)

and then we wait (readLine) after which we close (as I said we have 
shutdownAllConnectionPools, unbind and terminate). Page contains html and 
Channel is custom flow.

object Channel {
  private val bufferSize = 5
  def apply(processing: ActorRef)(implicit system: ActorSystem): 
Flow[WSMessage, WSMessage, _] = Flow.fromGraph(GraphDSL.create(
      Source.actorRef[Message](bufferSize=bufferSize, OverflowStrategy.fail)
    ) { implicit builder => source =>
      val sink = Sink.actorRef[SystemCommand](processing, Close)
      val actor = builder.materializedValue.map(a => Initialize(a))
      val fromSocket = builder.add(Flow[WSMessage].collect {
        // ...
      val toSocket = builder.add(Flow[Message].map {
        // ...
      val merge = builder.add(Merge[SystemCommand](2))
      fromSocket ~> merge.in(0)
      actor ~> merge.in(1)
      merge ~> sink
      source ~> toSocket
      FlowShape(fromSocket.in, toSocket.out)

Any help would be appreciated - and btw, this was one of first attempts and 
we got something up and running in just few hours, so even that we have 
issues with close, we would like to emphatize that we think Akka is great!

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