Dear hakkers,

We are proud to announce the first Release Candidate of the Akka HTTP's 
"fully stable" release–the only missing, bit was the Routing DSLs, which we 
now deem stable enough to support for an extended period of time.

This release marks the first of the 3.0.0 series of this project and 
signifies a large step in terms of confidence in the library, as well as 
the move of Akka HTTP into its own repository. From now on Akka HTTP will 
be versioned separately from Akka “core”. This has been discussed at large 
with the community on akka-meta <>, and the 
akka-http <> repositories on github. 
Thank you very much for your input!

For more background why this move, please read “Akka HTTP - stable, growing 
and tons of opportunity <>” on 
akka-meta. While preparing In the meantime we have delivered a 
Proof-of-Concept of HTTP/2 for Akka HTTP and plan to continue this work 
later this year–community help is very much welcome on this front as well.

The documentation from now on will be available here: 

Some noteworthy changes in the *3.0.0-RC1* (since it's move out from 
2.4.11) release are:

   New lightbend/paradox powered documentation
      This will allow us to aggregate it together with Akka and other 
      documentation, as well as link more easily to ScalaDoc pages
      Akka HTTP documentation will from now on live here:
      We’ll work on a better theme for it very soon.
   Multipart is now correctly Binary MediaType (instead of WithOpenCharset) 
   #398 <>
   A new designated mailing-list and page for any critical security issues 
   that might come up has been created: 
      Please follow the linked mailing list if you have production Akka 
      systems, so you’ll be the first to know in case a security issue is found 
      and fixed in Akka.

The plan regarding releasing a stable 3.0.0 is to wait a little bit for 
community feedback on the release candidates, and call a stable one no 
longer than a few weeks from now. We’re eagerly awaiting your feedback and 
can’t wait to ship the stable version of all of Akka HTTP’s modules!


A total 15 issues were closed since 2.4.11, most of the work was moving 
source code, documentation and issues to their new places.

The complete list of closed issues can be found on the 3.0.0-RC1 
<> milestone on 

For this release we had the help of 14 committers – thank you!

A special thanks to Jonas Fonseca <> who did a 
tremendously awesome job at migrating all the docs from sphinx 
(restructuredtext) to paradox (markdown), contributing features that the 
Akka docs needed to upstream Paradox–thanks a lot!


commits added removed

  10   22489   24696 Jonas Fonseca

  10    1927     256 Johannes Rudolph

  10     849     412 Konrad Malawski

   4     448     136 Robert Budźko

   2      37      37 Bernard Leach

   2     107       7 Richard Imaoka

   2      26      24 Jakub Kozłowski

   1     145     101 Jan @gosubpl

   1     108     114 Derek Wyatt

   1      45      33 Wojciech Langiewicz

   1      49       0 @2beaucoup

   1       6       6 Markus Hauck

   1       1       1 Ian Forsey

   1       1       1 Johan Andrén

Happy hakking!

– The Akka Team

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