Just some simple java code to learn some basics of materialized values.
There is an intentional error in the code snippet  in the String.format 
that uses an invalid %l which actually throws an exception but nothing gets 
printed in the console.
What exactly is happening and how does one handle a scenarios like this to 
actually see/debug the exception?

public class Sample {

    public static void main(String[] args) throws IOException{

        ActorSystem system = ActorSystem.create("system");
        ActorMaterializer mat = ActorMaterializer.create(system);

        Source<ByteString, CompletionStage<IOResult>> source = 
FileIO.fromFile(new File("blah.txt"));

        Sink<ByteString, CompletionStage<IOResult>> sink = FileIO.toFile(new 

        RunnableGraph<CompletionStage<IOResult>>  runnableGraph = 

        //RunnableGraph<CompletionStage<IOResult>> runnableGraph1 = 
source.toMat(sink, Keep.left());

        //RunnableGraph<CompletionStage<IOResult>> runnableGraph2 = 
source.toMat(sink, Keep.right());

CompletionStage<IOResult>>> pairRunnableGraph = source.toMat(sink, Keep.both());

        final CompletionStage<IOResult> cs = runnableGraph.run(mat).handle((x, 
t) -> {
                System.out.println("Error: " + t);
            if (x!=null){
                String s = String.format("%s , %l bytes 
            return null;


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