I am getting behavior that I do not  understand combining 
Http().superPool() with MergeHub.source. Here is a sample application

import akka.actor.ActorSystem
import akka.http.scaladsl.Http
import akka.http.scaladsl.model.{HttpRequest, Uri}
import akka.stream.{ActorMaterializer, ThrottleMode}
import akka.stream.scaladsl.{MergeHub, Sink, Source}
import com.typesafe.config.ConfigFactory

import scala.concurrent.duration._

object Main extends App {
  val config = ConfigFactory.load()

  implicit val system = ActorSystem("test-system", config)
  implicit val executionContext = system.dispatcher
  implicit val materializer = ActorMaterializer()

  val request = HttpRequest(uri = Uri("http://www.google.com";))

  val sink = MergeHub.source[(HttpRequest, Int)]
    .throttle(1, 1.second, 1, ThrottleMode.shaping)
    .map { x =>
      println(s"started ${x._2}")
    .to(Sink.foreach { x =>
      println(s"finished ${x._2}")

  for (x <- 1 to 100) sink.runWith(Source.single(request -> x))

The output of which is 

started 2
finished 2
started 3
finished 3
started 4
finished 4
started 1
finished 1
started 5
started 6
started 7
started 8

My understanding from the documentation is that Http().superPool() will 
backpressure. However, after 8 iterations, nothing else happens. Thoughts?


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