Dear all,

I am very new to Akka and I am implementing a simple REST HTTP client using 
Akka. My client should do around 100k GET requests. 

When I implement it in the naïve way 
— obviously — I end up in having an 
Exceeded configured max-open-requests value of [32].

To overcome this, I am trying to use the host-level API with a queue 
The documentation says that *"you need to think about a strategy about what 
to do when requests fail because the queue overflowed (e.g. try again later 
or just fail)"*. In the provided example, all requests that arrive when the 
queue overflows are rejected (i.e., Future.failed(...)). I am wondering 
whether you could support me in implementing a mechanism that retries the 
failed requests after some time.

Thanks in advance,

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