I am using akka 2.4 with eventstore and I am new to event adapters

I have a Old event known us UserEvent (Class) which has only one class 
member known as email. Now I am switching to username and therefore this 
event variable email changes to username.

I have written a adapter to catch all UserEvent instances using instanceof 
and then convert it into UserEventV2 and return the new Object

Currently My adapter nor the akka system throws any error on console - But 
I get username as null, when the domain object is recovered.

Here's my code

class UserEventEmailToUsername implements EventAdapter {

      public String manifest(Object event) {
        return ""; // if no manifest needed, return ""

      public Object toJournal(Object event) {
        return event; // identity

      public EventSeq fromJournal(Object event, String manifest) {
        if (event instanceof UserEvent) {
          UserEvent evt = (UserEvent) event;
          return EventSeq.single(new 
        return EventSeq.single(event); // identity

here's my old event and new event class

@AllArgsConstructor@ToStringpublic class UserEvent extends EventWithTimeStamps 
implements Serializable {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  @Getter private String email;}
@AllArgsConstructor@ToStringpublic class UserEventWithUsernameVersion extends 
EventWithTimeStamps implements Serializable {
  private static final long serialVersionUID = 1L;
  @Getter private String username;}

akka configuration

      eventstore {
        event-adapters {
          userEvent-upcasting = 

        event-adapter-bindings {
          "com.wt.domain.write.events.UserEvent"    = [userEvent-upcasting]

am I doing something wrong ? if not then why am I getting null value in 
username ?

Note: My debugger never touches in adapter :( - I believe there is some 
configuration issue's - please help

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