Thanks for the response . I understand your points . If I  use kubernetes 
load balancing, service discovery and autoscaling , do you still see the 
need of use Akka cluster in this microservice architecture ? . I can deploy 
the Akka rest application inside docker and will use k8s feature for 
load-balancing and application POD replication.   
Akka http can be able to fetch data from DB and execute some buisness 
logic  .

Do you see any thing I will miss if I am not using Akka cluster ? I new to 
this Akka world , so willing learn and sorry If I asked some non-sense 
question . Pls help .. 


On Friday, 16 March 2018 00:31:31 UTC+5:30, Anish Kuti wrote:
>  I want to create microservice using akka (not using lagom framework) . 
> What is the best way to do ? 
> Requirement is as below
> I want my channel layer to consume the API (REST using Json) . And these 
> API will call some legacy system to fetch the data . There can be multiple 
> layer of API like as “Digital experience microservice” will be calling 
> “process microservice” . “Digital experience microservice” will be 
> responsible for providing channel specific data . This process microservice 
> will be able to do some orchestration/choreography for fulling the process 
> by calling “Domain Microservice”. These Domain microservice Should be able 
> to fetch the data from Read/cache DB .
> In case of write service this read Db need to be populated by event 
> streaming. So there will be multiple microservice , and they can 
> communicate between themselves (domain service) using json/protobuf -grpc . 
> Definitely it needs to be fault tolerant, As well I want to deploy in 
> kubernetes and will use kubernetes out box support for service discovery & 
> registry,load balancing ,autoscaling features .
> Hope I am able to give clear picture on the requirement . Would appreciate 
> if you can suggest whether AKKA http or AKKA Cluster or AKKA HTTP+Cluster 
> is the better option in the given scenario ?

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