I am building an application using Play 2.6 with Scala 2.12.3 and Akka 
2.5.4 Actors.

I am using the ask pattern in several places at it is documented at link 

The ask patten works well in all regartds except that I do not know how to 
integrate exception handling
into the pattern.  Specifically I want to manage the AskTimeoutException.  
The ask might not be answered because it depends on the success of 
dangerous operations ( file operations ).  I tried to code try catch but 
got complicated verbose compile errors I could not understand

For example: with this code:

def start_agent_processing( agent_name : String ) = Action.async            
      implicit val timeout: Timeout = timeout_value.seconds
        val query = M_AddAgent( agent_name )
        ( speaker ? query).mapTo[M_AddAgentFinish_R].map
          agent_disposition =>
          if( agent_disposition.error == false )
            agent_start_result = AgentStart.Ok
            agent_start_validity = Error.NoneOccurred
            agent_error_location = Error.NoneOccurred
            agent_exception_type = Error.NoneOccurred
            agent_exception_cause = Error.NoneOccurred
            agent_start_result = AgentStart.Problem
            agent_start_validity = Error.Occurred
            agent_error_location = agent_disposition.error_location
            agent_exception_type = agent_disposition.exception_type
            agent_exception_cause = agent_disposition.exception_cause
          val content = Map( "[agent-start-result]" -> agent_start_result,
                             "[agent-name]" -> agent_name,
                             "[error]" -> agent_start_validity,
                             "[error-location]" -> agent_error_location,
                             "[exception-type]" -> agent_exception_type,
                             "[exception-cause]" -> agent_exception_cause,
                             "[action-menu]" -> menu )
          val html = paste( 
"public/templates/start_agent_processing.templ", content )
          Ok( html ).as( "text/html" )
        case e : AskTimeoutException => println("exception")

produced the complier error list below

[info] Compiling 1 Scala source to 
/home/joe/Play/datafiles/Alfa/target/scala-2.12/classes ...
[error] /home/joe/Play/datafiles/Alfa/app/controllers/Alfa.scala:82:64: 
overloaded method value async with alternatives:
[error]   [A](bodyParser: play.api.mvc.BodyParser[A])(block: 
play.api.mvc.Request[A] => 
scala.concurrent.Future[play.api.mvc.Result])play.api.mvc.Action[A] <and>
[error]   (block: play.api.mvc.Request[play.api.mvc.AnyContent] => 
[error]   (block: => 
[error]  cannot be applied to (Any)
[error]     def start_agent_processing( agent_name : String ) = 
[error]                                                                ^
[error] one error found
[error] (compile:compileIncremental) Compilation failed
[error] Total time: 16 s, completed Apr 2, 2018 8:26:18 PM

Does anyone insight and advice on how to integrate error handling into this 
style of using the ask pattern?

Thanks, Joe

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