I was planning to use the distributed data feature of Akka to store data for 
more than 15 million subscribers of a digital service provider. Each subscriber 
can contain purchased offerings, balances etc which would then be looked up by 
actors for performing computations specific to a subscriber. These computations 
would result in updates to subscriber data with the hope that if such data was 
stored as CRDTs then the updates could be synchronised across actors/nodes 
without coordination.

But I then happened to read the limitation of akka distributed data that it is 
not rcommended to use it for more than 100k top level objects. My use case 
would need at least a number equal to the number of subscribers in the system. 
Is there a way around this ? Or are there any plans to increase this limit to 
allow large datasets ? Or is it just a recommenDation or a hard limit in the 
akka distributed module ?


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