I am using Akka Testkit in a project, and I've always used expectNoMsg() 
with the default timeout of three seconds. However, another developer says 
that we should be using expectNoMsg(0.seconds) instead so that our tests 
don't take longer and longer to run as we add more of these asserts. I 
agree with the goal but am unsure about whether it's safe to use a 0 second 
timeout. The rational about using 0 seconds is that since we are invoking 
expectNoMsg on a TestActorRef, and the ! function to/in a TestActorRef is a 
synchronous operation, waiting for 0 seconds is enough. I tested with a 
couple of my test cases and found that the tests did fail if an unexpected 
message is sent. But is that reliable? Should we adopt 
"expectNoMsg(0.seconds)" as a testing best practice? Please let me know if 
there are any subtleties or caveats to be aware of.


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