I have seen threads on this forum where Akka team recommends trying to 
avoid stream loops ("they are tricky"). I have a use case where steams with 
loops could be a solution to otherwise difficult problem.

the payload of the stream is a list of automatically formed case classes 
from an input file, plus a wrapper case class with .  at a given stage:

1. pop the next case class in the list and match {
     case A --> do some stuff, pull some info out of A, set a field (i.e. 
create new case object to preserve immutabilty) of the wrapper case class = 
to a field of the A class, loop back to this stage with the list of case 
classes not including A
     case B --> do other stuff, add info from B to wrapper case class, loop 
back to this stage with list of case classes not including B
} . // and the point here is there could be 0 to many As, Bs, Cs, etc
     case F --> send to AthroughEExhaustedState

2. AthroughEExhaustedState might have its own similar rules

is this insanity? or am I missing a much better solution? 

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