Ok, I figured it out on my own (in Scala).

          val toBodyPart = (src : String) => {
            val file = Paths.get(src)
"application", "dicom", MediaType.Compressible), file.toFile().length(), 

          val files = List("test1.dcm", "test2.dcm")
          val multipart = Multipart.General.apply(MediaTypes.
`multipart/related`, Source.apply(files.map(f => toBodyPart(f))))

On Thursday, 29 November 2018 12:39:26 UTC+1, Felix Nensa wrote:
> Hi,
> can anyone give an example or link on how to create a file upload with 
> Content-Type "multipart/related" (preferably in Java)?
> I just find examples for "multipart/form-data" and all the helpers 
> from Multiparts "createFormData..()" seem to be taylored for 
> "multipart/form-data".
> Thanks,
> Felix

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