object Test extends App {
  implicit val sys = ActorSystem("streamSys")
  implicit val ec = sys.dispatcher
  implicit val mat = ActorMaterializer(

  case class Tick()

  RunnableGraph.fromGraph(GraphDSL.create() { implicit b =>
    import GraphDSL.Implicits._

    // this is the asynchronous stage in this graph
    val zipper = b.add(ZipWith[Tick, Seq[String], Int]((tick, count) => 
    // this slows down the pipeline by 3 seconds
    Source.tick(initialDelay = 3.seconds, interval = 3000.milliseconds, 
Tick()) ~> zipper.in0
    // faster producer with all elements passed inside a Seq
    Source.tick(initialDelay = 1.second, interval = 1.milliseconds, "item")
      .conflateWithSeed(Seq(_)) { (acc,elem) => acc :+ elem } ~> zipper.in1

    zipper.out ~> Sink.foreach(println)

hello, I was a akka beginer and confused about why this code result 'seq 
length' was 300 instand of 3000?

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