Author: pierre
Date: Mon Jul 15 07:13:48 2019
New Revision: 4111

Fix the TEST variable when CONFIG_TESTS is not set:
This is another bug exposed by the new menu system. The TEST variable was set
inside the menu "test settings". But this menu depends on CONFIG_TESTS, and
is not executed if CONFIG_TESTS is not set. So that, the TEST variable was
not set if CONFIG_TESTS was not set (while with the former menu suystem,
it was set to 0). Due to the logic in lfs.xsl, this resulted in all the
tests being run, instead of none...
Move the setting of the TEST variable outside the "test settings" menu.


Modified: jhalfs/trunk/
--- jhalfs/trunk/      Wed Jun 19 00:56:39 2019        (r4110)
+++ jhalfs/trunk/      Mon Jul 15 07:13:48 2019        (r4111)
@@ -795,6 +795,8 @@
             bool    "Abort the build on the first test failure"
+    endmenu # test settings
     config    TEST
         default    "0"    if !CONFIG_TESTS
@@ -806,9 +808,7 @@
         default    n if NO_BOMB
         default    y if BOMB
-    #--- End Test Suites
-    endmenu # test settings
+   #--- End Test Suites
     #--- Package Management
     config  PKGMNGT
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