Author: pierre
Date: Mon Jul 15 13:00:32 2019
New Revision: 4112

Fix "installed files size" for the last package:
In, we use "du -s" for getting the size of the installed
files at the end of the build, and we compare to the "KB" from the previous
package to get the Installed size of the last package. But the du command
excludes an absolute dir, while it should be relative. This lead to bogus


Modified: jhalfs/trunk/common/
--- jhalfs/trunk/common/ Mon Jul 15 07:13:48 2019        
+++ jhalfs/trunk/common/ Mon Jul 15 13:00:32 2019        
@@ -121,7 +121,7 @@
 # For printing the last 'Installed files disk usage', we need to 'du' the
 # root dir, excluding the jhalfs directory (and lost+found). We assume
 # that the rootdir is $LOGSDIR/../..
-DU1=`du -skx --exclude=jhalfs --exclude=lost+found --exclude /var/lib 
$LOGSDIR/../.. | cut -f1`
+DU1=`du -skx --exclude=jhalfs --exclude=lost+found --exclude var/lib 
$LOGSDIR/../.. | cut -f1`
 DU1MB=`perl -e 'printf "%.3f" , ('$DU1' / '1024')';`
 INSTALL=`perl -e 'print ('$DU1' - '$DU1PREV')';`
 INSTALLMB=`perl -e 'printf "%.3f" , ('$DU1MB' - '$DU1MBPREV')';`
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