Hi guys. My fiancee and I have had Olympus DM-670 digital voice
recorders for a couple of years now and have always found them to be
excellent. However, whenever we remove the batteries and put them back
in (or when the batteries completely run down), we find that getting
them going again is a real issue. We're battling the crisis again this
morning ... we've been able to turn it on by plugging it into a
laptop's USB port and it said that the battery level was high, so
batteries aren't the problem. However, every time that we unplug it,
it stops speaking or making any sounds in response to buttons being
pressed or the on-off switch being used. Unfortunately, I changed the
USB connection setting to PC so that I could copy some files, so we
now don't even have audio feedback when it's plugged into the laptop
because the PC setting overrules the audio feedback that usually
occurs. This means that it's not talking when plugged in or when
unplugged, so we basically can't use it. Does anyone please know why
the devices throw a fit when batteries are newly put in and how we
might please get this one chatting to us again?

Thanks very much in advance for any help.

Take care, Danny

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