The ElectroVoice RE20 is a fine choice. And by sheer coincidence, I have one to sell! It's still in its original zippered semi-soft-shell case, and I think it's still in its original plastic bag inside. The reason I'm selling it is sheer stupidity on my part: I bought it and a Shure SM7b a few years ago, tested them both, liked the 7B better with my voice, reboxed the RE20, stuck it under my desk, and promptly forgot about it long enough to exceed the return-by date!

On 1/8/2018 3:21 PM, Alaltlas21 via Groups.Io wrote:
Hi listers,
A very happy new year 2018 to all.

I am looking for a professional microphone to start producing music in my home 
studio setup.
Which mike would you recommend for acoustic recording please?
Hand-drums, violin, acoustic guitar and vocals mainly.


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