hi I would like to ask what programs do you use to create your ring toes for you phone?

Also can you run threw the process on how you create your ring tones I would like to learn how to do that.

On 1/12/2018 9:41 PM, Kelly Pierce wrote:
I found the link to the online Youtube converter I use.  I just
converted a Motley Crew song from YouTube into MP3 so I can create an
iPhone ringtone.  the URL is:


On 1/8/18, Dean Martineau <top...@gmail.com> wrote:
Yes, it would be helpful if I would actually examine the word Pontes rather
than guessing at it.

I'm testing the program, version 2.0 which is all I can find, and it works
great, though when downloading playlists, it never gets the whole playlist
so far.

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Hi, may I offer a slight correction?  I believe that is Pontes Media
Downloader; I use it and it works really well; thanks.


On 1/7/2018 9:11 PM, Peter Scanlon wrote:
Ponce Media downloader is great. Perhaps you should uninstall and re

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You can buy Replay Media Capture from Applian Technologies for under $20.
It's part of the Replay Capture Suite but can also be had separately.


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I need to get one song off Youtube. I used to use Ponce Media downloader

it stopped working for me so I went to Songr and now it won't download
though the song is on about five Youtube sites. I have tried some online
converters but found they won't convert if the file has music. I did use
download which is where I got the webm file and did find an online

which worked well but then I found out I didn't have all the song in that

I have one week to get this song. so any suggestions?




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