With Pontes, the file goes into the default video folder, or words to that
effect.  Alt+O brings up optins, and you can change the file location.  I
recommend trying that and doing the download again.  It doesn't seem to grab
all items of a playlist, but it handles individual files perfectly.

As for mp3converter, using JAWS 2018, Chrome, windows 10 fall creaters
edition, I get a download edit field immediately. 

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I reinstalled Pontes Media downloader. It acts like it is going through the 
motoins and said it has downloaded the file but the file is nowhere to be 
found on my Pc. I checked the default folder and even did a search but 
didn't find it.

also on mp3converter.net I couldn't find where to put the URL. There is no 
edit box on the main page. I tried going to other pages but never found an 
edit box for the URL.


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