Since I own an older Rotel amplifier, I am curious about this unit.  Given
that you are giving the level as an index value, is this amplifier
controlled by an app or something?  When you give the levels as "45" and
"72," what is the maximum value.  If the maximum value is 100 and these
represent percentages, the values would seem to me to be low, but if they
represent audio level in DB, then they might not be.  Make sure there isn't
an "Audio Mute" button that reduces the output by 40DB or more for
conveniently reducing volume when one answers a phone, for example.  

When I plug my iPhone into my stereo, it seems as though that running it at
full volume results in a signal that is similar in level to my tuner and a
CD player.  I have some other devices, such as an old Zenith VCR, that has a
level that is really quite low.  In other words, there is some variability
of  levels from the variety of input devices that we commonly use these
days.  Still, these lower levels don't explain not having enough signal to
trigger your subwoofer, there seems to be something else at play.  

Best regards,

Steve Jacobson

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Hi.  I have just purchased a rotel a12 integrated amplifier and find
that at default level of 45 I cannot hear anything from either
earphones or speaker.  If I put it up to about 72, I hear things, but
I have to put sources quite high -- including bt from the iphone.

Is this normal for this unit?

Also, I cannot get my subwoofer to work, the preamp output does not
seem to be enough.

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