Classical and Jazz were the last things I was looking for on Tidal actually but 
now you’ve mentioned it I will take a look as I do enjoy my Smooth Jazz in 
I’m only trialing Tidal right now so I have a month to make up my mind.
I like Tidal on everything here that I’ve integrated with the service thus far, 
my iPhone with the Tidal App, my Play-Fi setup, the Yamaha Musiccast system and 
I’m going to try the Tidal Android App shortly.
The Tidal Music service to me at least is very straight forward to use which is 
what a Subscription Streaming music service should be all about as well as 
providing good content.
As you say most people I don’t think would care about the quality differences 
between say Tidal and Spotify but then again I’m constantly told just how many 
actually do sit down and enjoy listening too their music collections and their 
must be some truth in that given that specialist Hi-Fi firms still exist and 
companies such as Rotel and Denon are still here 50+ years on.

> On 9 Apr 2018, at 1:20 am, Anders Holmberg <> wrote:
> Hi!
> Well if you can hear the difference (which i can’t) and if you like classical 
> and jazz then Tidal is just for you.
> For me its enough with apple music since i don’t have a work to go to and 
> can’t have 5 subscriptions to different music services.
> Of corse i wish i had the money to spend for these services but for now i 
> don’t.
> /A
>> 8 apr. 2018 kl. 03:40 skrev Dane Trethowan <>:
>> I just subscribed and I'm suitably impressed with the quality of audio.
>> Yes Tidal is around twice as much per month as I'd usually pay for a 
>> Streaming Music Service however - given the lossless playback that Tidal 
>> provides - I don't mind paying that extra price when I can hear a dramatic 
>> difference for myself.
>> I had briefly looked at Tidal around a year ago but just lost interest and 
>> never bothered or thought about it since until I noticed that Tidal was 
>> listed in the sources of the MusicCast App for the Yamaha MX-N500 I spoke 
>> about Yesterday.
>> I then looked at the Play-Fi App which controls many of the Streamers I have 
>> and discovered that Tidal was available there too so it made sense to at 
>> least give the service a trial - a free months trial is offered before your 
>> nominated payment method is charged -.
>> I guess it makes perfect sense to have Tidal Music as part of the MusicCast 
>> and Play-Fi Apps given the equipment these Apps control are capable of HD 
>> and high quality Lossless audio playback.
>> I'm subscribed to several music services including Spotify, Google Play and 
>> now Tidal and I like all for different reasons, Spotify is just.. well.. 
>> convenient and so is Google Play.
>> I often find tracks on Google Play I can't find on Spotify.
>> I'm also now subscribed to Amazon Music Unlimited.
>> Unfortunately Pandora is no longer available in Australia and I did enjoy 
>> that service when it was around, I subscribed to the ad free mode.
>> Quality wasn't as good as Spotify however the way the music service worked 
>> was enough to keep me using it.
>> -- 
>> **********
>> "A dog is a good thing to have around a house and so is a fence"
>> **********

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