Bought this App for $4.99 and it looks quite accessible but more importantly I 
believe I can get quite good results from it as these 2 files I hope will 
The first one is how Easy Voice Recorder sounded by default when recording on 
my Sony xPeria X-Performance phone.
With I did some tweaking with the settings of Voice Recorder Pro in this next 
Firstly I set the recording quality to high and used the sample rate of 44.1KH~ 
16 bit.
I turned on stereo mode though I’m not sure whether the Sony xPeria actually 
supports stereo mode but no harm done I guess.
I then turned noise suppression and echo cancelation off.
Having done that I changed the recording profile to Raw Music sound, there are 
several you can choose from including Voice Notes, Meetings and lectures.
I set things up so the recording would be uploaded to Dropbox once the stop 
button was activated and the recording would be uploaded in Wave uncompressed 
format, you can change settings for this including configurations that allow 
for the uploading of wave files to your cloud service of choice whilst files 
shared via eMail etc are compressed to MP3, AAC and so on. 

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