There are a lot of broken links to stations in there.  But if you do a
search and find something you want to play, hit enter on it. If it's still
working it will play.

Thought-provoking reading:

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Subject: [all-audio] Tapin Radio Question

Hello list:  Recently I installed the latest version of Tapin Radio.  I now
find that if I choose a station and hit "enter" nothing happens; I also
found that if I choose a station and follow it with F2" then the station
will play (or so I thought) I mostly listen to WSM (from Nashville,
Tennessee) this is why I didn't discover that there was a problem until a
few minutes ago!  The problem is, seems like no matter which station I
select and hit F2, it insists on playing WSM!  What is it I am missing here?
Thanks for help in advance!

Tom Kaufman

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