Infact, I called Zoom and asked them. Because I saw the H5 XY snap on mic being recomended as an accessory for the H6. So that's when they told me. Even the Sweet Water guy I talked with when buying the H6 found it on that Neal couldn't fit the mic on. Because again according to Zoom you can. Oh and yes for those of you that may not know, you can buy these snap on mic fronts on their own. Just saying because Neal said something about if you had boath the 5 and 6 you can have your cake and eat it too in refrence to how he likes the H5 machine but with the H6's microphones. But no, you don't need to have boath. Here's another oddity, Apparently the H6 mics can handle 140 DB also. So, if that be true then the 140 DB thing wasn't this big new thing for the H5 mics like Zoom clamed. Ah well who really cares. These machines are epic anyways at the end of the day. Just pointing out some oddities of what supposedly can and cant do with them.

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