Hi, Dean.

I think the most inexpensive and least complicated way for you to go is to get a usb audio interface with two inputs, one for a microphone and one forthe audio from your iphone. Companies like tascam, art, and presonus make these types ofinterfaces. I would take a look at sweetwater.com, http://www.sweetwater.com. You can probably get something like this for between $100 and $150.

I would give them a call and let them know what you are trying to do and what your budget is.

On 12/16/2018 4:17 PM, Dean Martineau wrote:
Hello.  Thanks to advice garnered here, I've got a PC recording solution for
my instructional materials using total Recorder.  I also want to mix phones
with headphone output along with my voice, and record onto computer or
perhaps a digital recorder.  I used to have a simple Radio Shack analog
mixer to do this.  With the demise of Radio Shack, I don't even know if such
a thing exists.

Any ideas of if or how I can do this?

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