Yes, and that's the route I took. Thanks for responding, Dean.

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As a side issue, you can set windows Media Player to rip to other formats, 
you're not limited to WMA.

Thought-provoking reading:

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Subject: [all-audio] How to rip CDs with VLC

I'm hoping someone can give me step-by-step instructions for how to rip a CD 
with VLC media player. I've tried intuition and Google, but I'm getting 
nowhere. I know to start with control-r and to select disc with alt-d. I know 
that VLC recognizes the CD I have in that drive. However, I can't get any 

One time I accidentally recorded two tracks with VLC, but even though they were 
somehow saved as .WAV files and VLC is my default .WAV app, there's no sound. 
By contrast, when I just play the CD with VLC, the sound is fine.

Although I somehow got two.WAV files using VLC, a feat I've never repeated, the 
only file type options I find as I go through the rip dialog are ones I don't 

I'll mention that I have Windows Media player set to rip CDs, but I close that 
program when I want VLC to do the job. Could it be interfering anyway?

I'm not looking for another ripping program. WMP is okay, but the sound quality 
of .WMA files is less than I want. Since VLC plays CDs with such clarity, I'm 
hoping that using it for ripping will bring better results.

Thanks for any instructions or tips.

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