> B.  You can also set your Alpine-L subscription for "No Mail",

Bob Nold (penstemon at q.com) wrote:
"Uh, what exactly is the purpose of subscribing to a mailing list if you
don't want any mail? Is this some zen koan? Like, what is a mailing list
with no mail?  If you weren't on a mailing list, would you expect mail?
Another way to deal with a lot of mail you don't want to read is to
highlight one, then do Edit-Select All-Delete.
I always delete email from that person who calls himself penstemon. 
Saves me
from reading a lot of nonsense."

Dear Bob,

Excellent question, it is a seemingly contradictory paradox to be sure, 
let me use the pizza analogy to explain.

If you subscribe to Pizza-L, one would hope for a goodly amount of 
pizza; who doesn't love a hot savory pizza every now and then. If one 
signs up for such a service, there is of course an expectation of pizza. 
But sometimes, the pizza-list constituency goes way overboard and too 
much pizza arrives, regrettably forcing pizza deletion, or worse yet, 
pizza denial and unsubscribing from further pizza.  In such cases, a 
possible antidote is to apply the "No Pizza" option whereby you must 
navigate to an Archive List of recently posted pizzas.  The good part 
is, you can then leisurely browse and select which pizzas you want, even 
if it is just a simple cheese pizza, just for yourself.  You may need to 

I have not included the Pizza-L archive links here, as that would be 
off-topic, but I hope you now have a better understanding of the 
Pizza/No Pizza option, and how it analogously relates to the Alpine-L 
Mail/No Mail options.  This message in no way addresses the Anchovies/No 
Anchovies option, that's a topic for another day.

Personally, I'm intrigued by this Penstemon character, whoever it might 
be; a person who names himself after a plant is surely one to be 
suspicious of.


Antennaria (aka Mark McDonough... wait a minute...uh....)

Mark McDonough
Alpine-L co-list-owner
Massachusetts, USA
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