Members are unsubscribing due to the unusual volume of Alpine-L messages 
(407 emails in just the first 11 days of January 2011, an all time 
record).  Here are a few Alpine-L subscription options to help deal with 
the volume.

A.  Login into your Alpine-L account page (use your password):
      ...and change your subscription to "digest" mode.

Many members report difficulties navigating the options, or they forget 
their passwords, so feel free to email me directly to request setting 
your account to "digest".

B.  You can also set your Alpine-L subscription for "No Mail", which 
means you get no direct Alpine-L emails and must remember to visit a 
weblink that lists the messages, allowing browsing at your leisure.  You 
can do this similar to Step #A above, or email me directly and ask to be 
put on "No Mail".  If you do this, you have two options for viewing the 
current archived Alpine-L messages:

   1.  Browse to the Alpine-L archives here
       (click the "date" link on most current month, scroll to BOTTOM)

   2.  Browse to a new Archive viewing service, The Mail Archive
       (display by date, new emails at the TOP, or by "thread-view")

The new option called The Mail Archive is better because it preserves 
legible email formatting, unlike the regular Alpine-L archives where 
some emails display as mile-long lines of text requiring scrolling way 
to the right, making reading difficult. This new option does not yet 
have much "historical" Alpine-L messages, only those from starting from 
when I signed up the service starting January 10, 2011.


Mark McDonough
Alpine-L co-list-owner
Massachusetts, USA
***your Alpine-L account settings***
***Alpine-L Archive message links***

PS:  I'm not taking any requests for "No Pizza" or "Pizza Digest" at 
this point in time ;-)
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