The Fedora Core should have some RPM with the ALSA header files. Since it is not installed, try looking in the CDs with whatever tool Fedora provides for searching the RPMS. From a quick look at the names of the RPMS I cannot find where the ALSA header files are but since I do not run Fedora I can't help you further. If it is nowhere then it is a problem/bug w/the Fedora and not your fault.


Frank W. Miller wrote:

Thanks for the reply...

I probably need to be more specific here.  I have a driver that works well
with OSS under Red Hat 9.  When I reinstalled my system using Fedora Core 1,
I did not need OSS any more.  I have nice sound coming from my speakers
using ALSA.  When I try to run my existing binary that makes OSS calls on
top of Fedora that is using an ALSA driver for my soundcard, I get some
strange behaviour, some of the calls don't work the same.  For example, the
card supports full-duplex but the ALSA driver seems to think it will only
support half-duplex.  When I try to set the sampling rate on the 16-bit
interface, I get an error (cant remember which one right now).  So my
thought was, especially after reading the docs, i.e. the HOWTO-0.9 or
something like that, that I should just rewrite the driver to make ALSA type
calls.  That's when I discovered that I dont have this header file.

So, I obviously have a working ALSA subsystem, since my soundcard works with
the CD player for example.  All I really need to do is get to a place where
I can write a program making ALSA API calls.  Thats what I need help to do.
Now, is it really necessary for me download all the source and rebuild it
and all that to accomplish this task?


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