James Courtier-Dutton wrote:
> I have played some .mid files now, but I have not noticed any problems 
> with my Audigy 2.
> When I downloaded the fonts file, mine had a different name to yours.
> Yours: WST25FStein_00Aug14.SF2
> Mine: WST25FStein_00Sep22.SF2

It makes no difference which of these two soundfonts is used.

> Can you provide me with a .mid file that shows the problems and is easy 
> to reproduce the problems?

As I said in my original email, the sound distortion problem is intermittent.
I haven't found a way to reproduce it.  However, if I use emu10k1 for MIDI
I usually encounter the sound distortion problem at least once every hour or so.
It seems to be a driver problem; it's not dependent on a particular MIDI file.

Steve Conrad was the first to mention an emu10k1 problem with soundfonts:
The soundfont problem seems to occur whenever I first load the 25MB piano
soundfont and then later load the manufacturer's synthgm.sbk
soundfont (http://christian.datzko.ch/computer/synthgm.sbk).
Many but not all instruments are silent (piano usually works).


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