Takashi Iwai wrote:
> William wrote:
>> Takashi Iwai wrote:
>> > 
>> > only 4096 bytes (= 1 page) allocated.  i guess this file is for ROM
>> > soundfonts on SB AWE boards, not for SB Live/Audigy?
>> That's odd because the file is 34832 bytes long
>> (see http://christian.datzko.ch/computer/synthgm.sbk)
> a soundfonts file includes not only the wave data but also the
> instrument layer meta data.  in the case of ROM fonts, it includes
> only meta data.

So, the problem is that synthgm.sbk has meta data but not wave data.
I can't see any option in asfxload to check whether a soundfont file
has meta data only or both wave data and meta data.
It would be useful.  alsa-utils / alsa-tools also don't seem to have
anything for checking this.

>> Why is asfxload not loading the file properly?
> it does :)

It would be nicer if asfxload gave a warning when the soundfont only
has meta data and the soundcard does not have any ROM soundfont.


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