Paul Eggleton wrote:
> There was a post (
> suggesting a possible test/fix for
> getting ALSA to work on an ATI Radeon 9100 IGP system a short time ago, and
> as nobody had replied to say they had tried it I thought I would.

We now know that this doesn't work because the IXP150 isn't compatible
with Intel's ICHx.

Takashi has contacted ATI and is currently writing a beta driver.

> BTW, in case anyone else is trying to get Linux working on an ST62K, ST61G4
> (or any other 9100 IGP based system, for that matter), you may find the page
> I have set up useful:

Please note that the ALC650 is an AC'97 _codec_, and that the AC'97
controller is part of the southbridge.


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