Hi there,

I plugged an old ISA es18xx Soundcard in one of my linux-boxes the other
day, using alsa-0.9.8 and the buildin pnp capability.

Now I got the problem, that on bootup alsa claims IRQ 5 which is needed
for my faxmodem. - However the latter is initialized later than alsa.

If I unload and restart alsasound later manually, it picks a
non-conflickting IRQ.

Having spent quite some time browsing through all the manual stuff, I
have not found any options that refer to the functionality of the
buildin pnp-support.

The only hint I got is "options isapnp isapnp_reserve_irq" but I'm not
sure whether this is for buildint or isapnptools pnp support.

Anyway, I'd be quite grateful for a hint how to tell alsa *NOT* to use
IRQ 5 ...

Thanks a lot in advance!


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