I am using aplay version 1.1.2 on an arm based system, but cannot get it 
to play audio properly.  The sound card is a C-Media USB Audio Device.

The sound comes out in short bursts with pauses in between.  Each pause 
is accompanied with an underrun error like so:

aplay test.wav
Playing WAVE 'test.wav' : Signed 16 bit Little Endian, Rate 22050 Hz, Mono
underrun!!! (at least 481.117 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 505.789 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 453.072 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 475.359 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 425.028 ms long)
underrun!!! (at least 447.205 ms long)

If I add the '--disable-resample' option, then the pauses and errors go 
away, but it does sound sped up.  Aplay reports Warning: rate is not 
accurate (requested = 22050Hz, got = 48000Hz)

So I used the sox application to pre convert my test.wav file from 20500 
Hz to 48000 Hz and used aplay to play that.  This played with no pauses, 
errors or warnings.  The resampling quality from sox was not that good.

This makes me think the problem I am having is with the pcm plugin that 
does the resampling.  Is there a way to fix this?.  Can I avoid the 
resampling somehow by configuring the sound device for 22050 Hz?


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