On 10/16/2016 11:47 PM, Clemens Ladisch wrote:
> Jay Foster wrote:
>> I am using aplay version 1.1.2 on an arm based system, but cannot get it
>> to play audio properly.  The sound card is a C-Media USB Audio Device.
>> The sound comes out in short bursts with pauses in between.  Each pause
>> is accompanied with an underrun error
>> [...]
>> This makes me think the problem I am having is with the pcm plugin that
>> does the resampling.
> Apparently, it uses too much of your CPU (whatever it is).
>> Is there a way to fix this?.  Can I avoid the resampling somehow by
>> configuring the sound device for 22050 Hz?
> Try without dmix: "aplay -D plughw:0 test.wav".
> Regards,
> Clemens
Thanks.  'aplay -D plughw:0 test.wav" did not make any difference. This 
is on a 400MHz armv5te processor.
cat /proc/asound/card0/stream0 shows the following for the sound card:

   Status: Stop
   Interface 1
     Altset 1
     Format: S16_LE
     Channels: 2
     Endpoint: 1 OUT (ADAPTIVE)
     Rates: 48000, 44100

   Status: Stop
   Interface 2
     Altset 1
     Format: S16_LE
     Channels: 1
     Endpoint: 2 IN (SYNC)
     Rates: 48000, 44100

In my naivety, would I have any better luck telling aplay to select the 
44100 Hz output rate and resample 220500 to 44100 instead?  How would I 
even do that?


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