Hi Ralph, yes I was missing the third part in fact you are absolutely right. I did step 3 and already saved 2 presets thank you very much. I wanted to ask you for more information then if possible, I have 2 more outputs from the expansion card that I have just installed, the AO4S-192-AIO, which however I can't activate. I can't get anything out. The outputs of the card are 4 monophinic that are used to make 2 stereo outputs and while the output 3 and the output 4 of the card, I am currently using them successfully and I managed to direct them to channel 19 and channel 20 of the mixer, the outputs 1 and 2 of the card which should go to channel 17 and 18 of the mixer, I can't address them. I put 1-2 AN then analog outputs in the drop-down menu, I also put 3-4, 5-6 I tried them all but I couldn't. Can you tell me where I'm wrong? Thanks

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